HTA 220 v 1.0


HTA 220


Universal high-speed tractor is designed for agricultural, transport, road construction and other works. In agriculture, used for plowing, continuous cultivation, cut, stubble, sowing and harvesting, as well as transport operations with semi-trailers and trailers carrying capacity of 10-20 tons on main roads and in off-road conditions.
HTA-220 Description:
Light engineering, IC – control, animated dashboard, the dust from the wheels, leaving traces of the wheels, mirrors, beacons, washable, open doors, animation hydraulics and front blade, plow mod passenger. Max. power: 121.4 kW / 165 HP.


Modell,Textur: ?-150
Ingame: ?-150, MAC, AndreyGunko, Northern_Strike
Scripts: Northern_Strike, AndreyGunko
Edit: dimaks
Redaktirovanie FS 2013:-=F@RMeR=-
Konvertatsiya FS 2015:-=F@RMeR=-


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