Vila Chisel SXH 3 19 PH v 1.0 [MP]


Vila Chisel SXH 3 19 PH

Vila Chisel SXH 3 19 PH

Vila Chisel SXH 3 19 PH

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Transport width: 3 meters
Working width: 4,9 meters
Number of arms 19
Recommended Power: 200hp

Daily upkeep: 42$ / day

Special thanks to Vila Agricultural Machinery Company for their assistance in this great project.

Note: We will try to solve all your doubts or questions, do not answer if someone is because we understand him well, and we use google translator does not always work well.


Model 3D: ZzS and Gerard (Vila)
Textured: ZzS
Textures AO: ZzS
Ingame: ZzS


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