Bridge BF4 10m v 1.0


bridge-bf4-10m7 bridge-bf4-10m6 bridge-bf4-10m5 bridge-bf4-10m4 bridge-bf4-10m3 bridge-bf4-10m2 bridge-bf4-10m1 bridge-bf4-10m


I present the latest model I’ve done: a bridge to be placed in maps.

It is a modular bridge, which means that its length can be varied by adding more or less modules.

Its length would be minimum of 25.6 metres, and the maximum everything we need.

The width of the road is 10 meters, designed to fit with the megapack that made Javier007.


Model: Juanathan.

Texture: Juanathan.[wpfilebase tag=file id=2901 /]


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