Claas Direkt Disc 520 v 1.0 [MP]


Claas Direkt Disc 520

Claas Direkt Disc 520

Claas Direkt Disc 520

Moin Com,

Now I’m finally done with my ClaasDirektDisc520 and would now like to ask you to dispose it.

Sorry that there is no cutting unit carriage to which is still under construction and may take a little longer.

Sure he will also be released for download as soon as it is finished 🙂

For disc:

-Mr Version

Width of 5.20 m

-Animated knife, roller

-Animated Plane

Grass, wheat, barley, canola, triticale, Rye are häckselbar and entered.

The skripte for fruit species are included.

Ps: you have to extract the zip file.


Model: The720PowerHD
Texture: The720PowerHD
Ingame: The718Power


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