LPG state agricultural v 2.01


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offer you my map here LPG is now Thuringia gewurden for agricultural GmbH since the turn already ne now is here

it starts in a hilly landscape in southern Thuringia

the fields are small to medium, and the map is more for a single player game

in pictures, I describe the features of the map slightly

you need patch 2.0

the gates to be, should also stay out of the door where I have installed this trigger go with “o” on

rot is from

Stable and pig fattening must be cleaned out and may be stored on the dunghill

sheep, chickens, cows what what you need on the water hose (the country trade or dealer) or at the pump house (on the hill in front of pig bach)

change of version 1.1

silage silos changed

Fixed small bugs

corn texture


Lexion_780, KundS Modding, HatzFan, martinbigM500, Katsuo, Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, mariodieck, Typho0n, frisco0177, Pearf, lecra, SkyFall|Kai, vanillaice83, mailman, Nick98.1, KIK, Eribus
und danke an alle auch die ich vllt vergessen habe

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