Conow HW80 with 3rd lift v 1.1 ohne MR


conow-hw80-mit-3ter-bordwand conow-hw80-mit-3ter-bordwand1 conow-hw80-mit-3ter-bordwand2 conow-hw80-mit-3ter-bordwand3

In this HW80 is a privately established congested hw80.Das vertical loads was bewältigt.zu by attaching a 3rd bordwand the features of the HW80 a fully functional efficient planning. it is purely a “more realistic” version.

he invites all standart fruits and has a capacity of 14430l.


Modell: Manituo Fan
Textur: greenchris
Ingame: Manituo Fan & corben[wpfilebase tag=file id=2284 /]


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