Kujawska Dolina v 1.0


kujawska-dolina-v1-by-zefir-edit-qbex kujawska-dolina-v1-by-zefir-edit-qbex1 kujawska-dolina-v1-by-zefir-edit-qbex2 kujawska-dolina-v1-by-zefir-edit-qbex3 kujawska-dolina-v1-by-zefir-edit-qbex5 kujawska-dolina-v1-by-zefir-edit-qbex12 kujawska-dolina-v1-by-zefir-edit-qbex34

Hello! I present to you my edit maps Kujawska Valley v1 to ZEFIR. Map of the original I really liked, but I Decided to change it a little myself. I added one farm, Orlen petrol station, meeting TSO fire station and the forest.
PS: Map what to go tomorrow, but I found did not have the time I did and give it into your hands today. Feel free to download the Prohibitions do not give.


Qbex[wpfilebase tag=file id=2286 /]


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