John Deere 864 Premium


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John Deere 864 Premium

For the highest return on investment, invest in a new John Deere Premium Variable Chamber baler. This model is equipped with a 2.2 m MaxiCut pick-up with a fine-chop 25 knife pre-cutter. You’ll appreciate the pick-up roller compressor, automatic chain lubrication function, cleaning auger and CoverEdge™ net wrapping system. And thanks to the larger diameter tensioning cylinders and tension arms, it can produce up to 15 percent higher density bales of straw, hay or silage – with diameters ranging between 0.9 and 1.80 m in size.



  • RealLights – You’ll need this: RealLights v0.99
  • Variable Chamber – Create bales in sizes between 0.9 to 1.8m in diameter!
  • Manual netting – Can’t fill the baler up but want it emptied? Net the bale manually!
  • CoverEdge net – If the baler runs out of net, buy more at the store to refill it
  • Opening side panels and rear CoverEdge door
  • Manual support and attachable PTO
  • Autoleveling pickup
  • Particle systems for pickup and generic “dust”
  • Adjustable drawbar – Is the tractors attacher a bit off? Adjust the drawbar to compensate!
  • BaleTrak Plus monitor – If your tractor features IC with ControlPanelAttacher like these, the monitor will appear in the cab when attached
  • Blockage with drop floor unplugging – The pickup might become blocked, depending on speed and swath density
  • Animated fill-level indicator, as well as multiple other parts
  • Washable – BJR-Edition


3D Model: JoXXer, a new model based on Freddys 864 from FS11

Texture: JoXXer and AzoaX

Ingaming: JoXXer

Sounds: GIANTS

German translation: fruktor


BJR_AttachablePTO, BJR_BaleTrakPanel, BJR_CoverEdge, BJR_CoverEdgePallet, JohnDeere864Premium: JoXXer

BJR_Washable: Face with modifications by JoXXer

RealLights, PickupChoke: fruktor

VariableChamberBaler: GIANTS and JoXXer[wpfilebase tag=file id=1549 /]


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