Pronar Courier 10




is you also have noticed when playing on the Auenbach map, this is the place the butcher very closely if you want the joskin vans there?

I was irritated at the so extreme that I have made myself one evening in search of a trailer, the better you get along on the map.
Of course I have nothing useful found: S

So I once asked Google what it is on the market and so I came across the Pronar Courier 10th
After I submitted my idea Atabogo, we went immediately to work.

Mod Facts:

– Complete DIY including wheels
– 1:1 model according to the manufacturer
– Price after manufacturer data
– Length / Width / Height = 7.98m / 2.50m / 3.02m (Thus about half shorter than the joskin!)
– Accommodates 13 Pigs
– Price: € 9650 LS
– Maintenance: 10 € LS
– Maximum speed: 40 km / h
– AO Texture
– Switchable Cover
– Rear ramp can be opened by pressing a button
– washable
– Lighting Script v3.1 (.2)


– Model Atabogo (about 1 day)
– Including new wheels rim: Chef (about 7 hours)
– AO Texture: Chef (about 1 day)
– InGaming: Chef and Atabogo (end still open!)
– Construction time about 3 days


Model: Atabogo
Texturen: Chefkoch
InGame: Chefkoch
Scripts: Sven777b, Marhu, Manuel Leithner, MB

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