Renault 8014 v 2.1

renault-80_145 renault-80_144 renault-80_143 renault-80_142 renault-80_141 renault-80_14

Hello Modhosteruser

Since I had been missing at the Renault a little bit, I got myself Kool Fox a conversion permit.

This I now load up here.

Have fun with it!


2 RUL’s

Open rear window to

Left door to open

Number plates (Saarland Saarbrücken)




“3D Modelle: GeneralX©, Agrotron 155, GIANTS, LS Landtechnik, Axel-of-Sweden, MrFox, Timber131, IndianaBoy (?)
Scripte: Modelleicher, sven777b, GIANTS, burner, ?
Texturen: GIANTS, GeneralX©, MrFox, Axel-of-Sweden, ls-for-ever, LS Landtechnik, Tobii
Sounds: GIANTS, LS Landtechnik
Umbau, Zusammenfassung, Neu Ingameing: MrFox
Neu Umbau, Neuteile: Ford Fan, joeykiller1000, LS-Modsource, LSzockerReiner, Saarmodding-Team”

Icon of RENAULT80 14 RENAULT80 14 (24.8 MiB)

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