JD W540 V 2.0 + 319R

fsScreen_2013_10_27_20_25_19 fsScreen_2013_10_27_20_25_24 fsScreen_2013_10_27_20_25_30 fsScreen_2013_10_27_20_25_35 fsScreen_2013_10_27_20_26_55 fsScreen_2013_10_27_20_29_20Mods Management: Traditional, like all harvesters.
Mods errors: How not exist.
Modifications are: Dust from under the tires, animated


MySqly, Kondziu25, Pavson69 Kondziu25

Icon of UNPACK JDW540 319R UNPACK JDW540 319R (20.9 MiB)

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