Amazone D9 3000 Super


amazone-d9-3000-super-mit-fahrgassenschaltung amazone-d9-3000-super-mit-fahrgassenschaltung2 amazone-d9-3000-super-mit-fahrgassenschaltung3 amazone-d9-3000-super-mit-fahrgassenschaltung4

The D9 seed drill can solo or in combination with all tillage machinery for plowing or mulch can be used. Therefore, these seeders are optionally equipped with WS-coulters or RoTec-Control roll coulters.

Open the lid and close [Num 8]
Animated Plane
Ladder to expand and collapse [X]
! Fahrgassenschaltung [0, and 9]
Row marker [Y]
Lighting [F]


Modell: Giants / GeneralX©
Textur : Giants
Ingame : GeneralX©, patti b
Script : Sven777b, gotchTOM[wpfilebase tag=file id=612 /]


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