MAN TGX € 6 with Bergmann manure spreader

man-tgx-euro-6-mit-bergmann-miststreuer man-tgx-euro-6-mit-bergmann-miststreuer1 man-tgx-euro-6-mit-bergmann-miststreuer2 man-tgx-euro-6-mit-bergmann-miststreuer3 man-tgx-euro-6-mit-bergmann-miststreuer4

Here I present my MAN TGX Euro6 with Bergmann manure spreader body for disposal

What has been done:

added new light Coronas

Lightbar up and down

new wheels

Plan on building


Modell: GTS/Turbofreak
Steueraufbau: Giants

Icon of MAN TGX E6 Bergmann MAN TGX E6 Bergmann (26.7 MiB)

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