Unimog U1200 U1600


Unimog U1200 U1600

This pack includes models unimog U1200, U1600.

unimog U1200

price 40.000 ,the service is 100 euros per day, 92 kW\125 HP,
the choice of color when buying, it’s hard going uphill with a loaded trailer.

unimog U1600

price 50.000 ,the service is 120 euros per day,114 kW\155 HP
the choice of color when buying,the average speed with loaded trailer.

both small turning radius, the dust from under the wheels,leaves traces,
dirty not very quickly,both the speed limit is 82 km\h
working lights front and rear of the model 1600 is flashing beacon.


bm-modding feat. MadMax/Maxter


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