Man slurry shuttle v 2.0


Man slurry shuttle

I have here for you a self-built MAN feeder truck. I have these built their own ideas and some suggestions ausm network. There is no real replica and it will not.

You get here 4 versions in one. There are 2 versions each with road tires and agricultural tires with 2. At this point again a thank you to Cebulcjek for the release of its TGS especially the really nice tires. These are also the only “foreign game” parts. The rest is built again only original parts.

Among the versions:

All 4 can “almost” the same, more on that later.

Basic functions of all are:

Filled with liquidManure, ie manure. Of 40.000ltr go inside. You can order each slurry tanker filling directly, but also the Feldrandcontainer. I have tested all original equipment combinations and it all work. I can not say but I can not imagine that it is there to problems like me looks at mods. If it please the comments meaningful use.

Now to the “unique” versions, they differ substantially in 2 points.

One feeder = road tires and color choice of cabin
One feeder FWA = road tires and color choice of cab and the tank (FWA = color choice All)
One feeder agricultural = agricultural preparation Fund and color choice of cabin
One feeder agricultural FWA = agricultural tires and color choice of cab and the tank

All 4 versions cost the same,

Sale price: 123000 $ LS

Ownership cost: 115 $ LS




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