Lizard Syncer v 1.0


Lizard Syncer

As has given me in the form of an answer no one, I had to convert himself, he was hard and complicated.

Here I present my Lizard syncer (Audi A6) In the short term for download. he drives it draws it’s fun to ride him.

Now you can ask my Beriebswagen test is offered only for a limited period !!!!

In the curves he runs his super not he breaks out and he drives very comfortable !!!

There have been carried out various test and set the he as good as driving.

the HG. Located at 116 km / h and as he does not break still out .-

Now about the features

It is washable

It is also available in different colors

and it directs, flashes, honks, drives

When I’m Bock did I build ne AHK purely and make them as clean V2 .-

The van (Ford Transit) and Golf (VW Golf VII R) is still in operation, the Citroen and the BMW gfoid ma ned and not convert themselves.

Otherwise a lot of fun while gambling.


Urrmodell: GIANTS Software GmbH.

Konvertiert Und Bearbeitet : Corsa D Fahrer


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