Fliegl DPW 180 automatic charging function v 2.0


Fliegl DPW 180 automatic charging function


Version 2.0:


I have the ‘FS15_flieglDPW180.zip’ file deliberately not renamed. So you can simply replace this one with the old, and you have 180 not new to buy Fliegl DPW if you have him already in the savegame in use. So do not be surprised, it was already the correct file upload .. ^^

New additions:

– 2 axis turntable and Tandem (ie has increased .. ^^ ), Thanks go to oscillator having adjusted my models for this!
– Added auxiliary Linen for unloading, they adapt well to the length of the current charge.
– One can now distinguish between the bale:

– Square bales:

— Hay
— Straw
— Mixed

– Round bales:

— Hay
— Grass (baleExtension by upsidedown)
— Straw
— Silage
— Mixed

– ‘ROS transport boxes’ added. Here is the link:

ROS transport boxes

– Wheel chocks
– Side marker lights activated
– Indicators on the front of the trailer enabled
– Level is no longer in the help window, but the HUD lower right, where it belongs also
– Built-in speed limit, you can customize in the XML (number adapt at ‘maxSpeedLimit’), standard 25 km / h. If you drive faster, no loading is possible.

In the XML the trailer you will find the parameter:

Since you can adjust the colors of the guides you. Values ??always possible of 0-1.

And unfortunately, the Mod is still only SP-Able! Find it myself a pity, but I can not change it easily.

Have fun with the new version!

Description of the V 1.0 of the trailer:

Huhu @ all, here I finally my Fliegl DPW 180 in the version 1.0 for you. He takes:

24 square bales
30 round bales (also wound)
12 tree seedling pallets
12 Wool pallets
8 wooden pallets of Marhu’s sawmill
12 pallets of potato Farmer_Andy’s potato washing system

Still important to the pallets: Wool and wooden pallets are only accepted if they are full. Otherwise, the tension belts would not fit. Furthermore, one must charge the wool, wood or potato pallets not directly from Spawntrigger with the trailer. If one does not get to the game, that the pallet is gone and there is no new to, until the next loading of savegames. Therefore, this drive out of the trigger only by FL. Then there should be no problems. Found no other solution to date, unfortunately ..

It is the patch 1.3 Final requires! Otherwise, he is not in the shop.

Can you unload him etweder directly on the platform, to the left, right or rear. The floor should be flat when, anblädt left or right back, otherwise the bales or pallets can fly through the air or disappear under the ground! Furthermore always appropriate tensioning straps dazzle as soon as the trailer is loaded. It can be seen already in the pictures.

This trailer is not MP-capable.

However, you can save with a loaded trailer at last, as it is automatically unloaded on the platform. Same happens when it is loaded and you click on ‘Cancel’.

I think that was all .. Now even enjoy pallets and bales ride ..


GIANTS Software GmbH


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