Doll Special low loader v 1.0


Doll Special low loader

Now there are still our specialty Doll low loader.

We chose this this loader specially with the company Doll vehicle set or not combined to ask them to give us the approval to build this trailer with their consent.

We got them plus a number Orginale vehicle belongs to the Original (Real Life).

This is an original replica.


Price: 45.000 €

Daily cost: 0 €

Special: 4 co-steering axles, Blitzer, RUL, LS installed standards, originals and approved logos, German approval, Attacher for vehicles on wood Platform.

Type: 2-piece loader


Doll Fahrzeugbau für die Freigabe für den Nachbau und die Logos
Modbauer = Micha04668 und MTL Modding Team


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