Tree trunk for Recovery 2011 v 1.0

baumstamm-fur-recovery-2011 baumstamm-fur-recovery-20111 baumstamm-fur-recovery-20112 baumstamm-fur-recovery-20113 baumstamm-fur-recovery-20114


Here I have tree trunks for the recovery of 2011. Trees are purchasable as a placeable object. Can then just as the original strains are placed on the map to the sawmill and produce 2000 liters of wood pellets.

So log supply is always backed up.

Price per Ordinary 250

Have fun



Urmodel des Baumstammes müsste von Ego stammen.

Icon of BaumstaemmeRecovery BaumstaemmeRecovery (500.4 KiB)

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