Deutz Fahr 5465 H v 1.0 [SP]


Deutz Fahr 5465 H

Deutz Fahr 5465 H

Deutz Fahr 5465 H

On small-scale maps to get somehow not beat around the H 5465. That’s why I upgraded a few improvements. He is now just as I need him. Maybe he does one or the other “small farmers” and faithful service:

– New particle systems (grain elevator and shredders)

– Chopper function (StrawSpec): turn with the vehicle on Drescher and press M

– Decent tire dust on all four wheels

– Small beautification of the cabin

This is my first mod, the I set here. Of course, you can still install and improve many things and wasted space dolle – but enough for me from.


Giants, Templaer, Ersteller der Partikelsysteme


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