Pöttinger Jumbo 10000L


pottinger-jumbo-10000l pottinger-jumbo-10000l-1 pottinger-jumbo-10000l-2 pottinger-jumbo-10000l-3

Important for the new purchase:

* Price: € 105,000.00

* Maintenance per day : € 120, –

* Newly created : Schematic overlay including drawbar schema and store image

* Roads and lighting work approved in accordance with § 60 Abstz . 3 StVo

Control of the giants:

Blinker Links: NP 1

Right turn signal : NP 3

Hazard warning lights : NP 2

Work light ( swath ) : NP 5

Interior Light : NP 4

Rear Camera: NP 9

Hydraulic hoses : Old Links

Pedestrian : Left mouse button

Pickup Up and Down: V

Loading wagon up: B


Mod: SFM Modding
Umbau: Claas_Evolution
Dirtskinn: mjk
Beleuchtungsscript: Sven777b
Rear Cam Modell Bayerbua
Urscript RearCam MMAgrarservice
Modifiziertes Script RearCam upsidedown
MR Anpassung: mjk
Dirttextur mjk[wpfilebase tag=file id=2062 /]


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