Chain link fence with sliding gate


maschendrahtzaun-mit-schiebetor maschendrahtzaun-mit-schiebetor1 maschendrahtzaun-mit-schiebetor2 maschendrahtzaun-mit-schiebetor3 maschendrahtzaun-mit-schiebetor4 maschendrahtzaun-mit-schiebetor5

Chain link fence with sliding gate

Hey there,

I built this for you a chain link fence and a Schiebtor.

The sliding door opens with the O button!

The mod has been tested and is without Logfehler!

The following is needed:

MapDoorTrigger v 4.0 by John Deere 6930

(can be downloaded at Modhoster)

patch 2.0


The mod must be inserted with the Giants Editor 5.0.3 in your map![wpfilebase tag=file id=2061 /]


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1 Response

  1. AadK says:

    The gate won’t be open , i downloaded the MapDoorTrigger and put all in the Machendrahtzaun und tor map.
    Imported in GE 6.0…
    What do i wrong?

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