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Paradise XL v 0.92 beta

Welcome to paradise. Here you will find everything you need to produce the best fruit, invest in different sectors of agriculture and become a successful farmer. Based on the excellent map KernStadt and using your topography, the map was developed and several new features have been added.

This is version 0.92 of the map Paradise. In this beta we have many new features and functionalities. All known bugs from previous beta found were corrected.

As a novelty the farm has an advanced storage system and production management. In the silos you can store their cereals as wheat, barley, maize and rape. Next, is the storage complex sugar beet and potato. Charging is done with the mats original game. The new features are the new storage systems cut grass, straw and solid manure. All mats feature with particle animation and with many details. One script adds these silos on your PDA so you know how much is being stored.

This map has a complex for raising pigs. 10 sties are interconnected to produce pigs. You must feed the pigs with wheat, barley, rape, maize, sugar beet, potato, grass, silage, mix water. Everything has the right place. As a byproduct of this, you have the liquid and solid manure for sale or application in the field.

The BGA has been expanded and now has eight silos of 2,000 tons each. The silos of silage from the main farm for cows has 1000 tons capacity each.

Several tests were made ??to ensure that the map offers users an enjoyable experience of gameplay. I received many positive feedbacks and requests that the map be released soon. I do not work on any team and so it all depends on me.

No object map was created by me. All objects were downloaded, extracted from the original map or other maps. To my happiness, licenses / permits from other modelers and developers were very quick and all accepted.

The price of the fields is based on the original, so I highly recommend you use the mod Bank to borrow” high value to buy fields for cultivation.


Map by Tiago Piloneto

+ Pardise map is based on the map KernStadt by BigDaddy99
+ TowerSilo_BSCS_03 and tanks of BGA_By_BernieSCS (from the map OGF FSM AUSTRALIEN MAP).
+ Brewery and texture/foliage from Two Rivers Map LS13
by El Cid
+ Sugarbeet, weat, barley, grass windrow modified by Tiago Piloneto.
+ Estrada horizontal, Estrada vertical by map Nelamanowice_v2, edited by Tiago Piloneto.
+ BGA map LSP_Ambt_Delden_Beta
by Fendt-939
+ Asphalt texture map Bassumer Land V5_3
by Sirrobin

atze1978 – Straßenbaukasten V1
frisco0177 – Futterlager
mailman – Pfostenpack V 1.0.0
Ekkhard – Heißluftballons und Blimp

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