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After over a year of construction and several hundred hours I’ve sunk into the project, I can 04/2013 rich with joy the beta version of my MIG Map MadeInGermany Celle region you today. 1,600 acres area with over 700 acres of arable land spread over 120 fields are available for purchase for just under € 30 million ready.

Have begun in January 2012 to digitize my home with appropriate templates from Google Earth. Starting today, you can test and give feedback times properly use the map ..

‘ve Now seen almost every square meter determined three times already 🙂 and I know the reality here, I’m a little unhappy because I often got done as it really is and the differences bother me … Clearly you will all be so noticeable because the area is not here you do not know, so you have to believe in it and now beta testing, because the project will still be here as my other never finished and there is a bunch of other versions.

I tried to make the map as performant as possible. Therefore, there is no Collis and no 3D Huge forests.


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