New Holland CR 9090 v 2.0

fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_32_47 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_32_59 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_33_14 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_33_18 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_33_21 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_33_26 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_33_50 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_34_03 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_34_07Mods Management:
V-lands / rises Kedera
B-turn on / off operation mode
H-turn on / off autopilot
Home-turn on / off the beacon
M-enable / disable the shredder
L-opens / closes the hopper
L-folds / folds stairs
Mods errors:
I did not notice
Mods include:
There shredder
Es limiter,
Displays the operating hours
Looks nice,
Hopper Capacity: 12500l
Animated Kedera,
The rotating fans
Act in light,
Opens in bunker
Folds stairs
Unused groups of makes: Combine, Combine header and trailer.



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