fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_59_20 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_59_14 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_59_31 fsScreen_2013_11_10_10_59_37 fsScreen_2013_11_10_11_00_36Mods Management:
B switches threshing,
And stretches snail
F K turns on a light,
Ctrl + Q translates straw,
beacon Home
Modifications error: I did not notice
Mods include:
Runs all the speedometer
Functioning of the internal lighting
Inside the sounds of silence,
Everything revolves.
Hopper capacity 6t.


Modell: scholl, Beckar
Textur: scholl
InGame: scholl
Edit v2: scholl
EditInGame: DON-1500
Script: DON-1500. Silak_68
EditModell: Silak_68
EditInGame: Silak_68
LS 2013/Scripting: werik

Modell/Textur: DON-1500

Modell/Textur: Clondike
LS 2013: werik

Icon of Don 1500 Pack Don 1500 Pack (24.7 MiB)

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