Moin, I hereby present to you the Segeberg map.

With traffic and the milk truck picks up the milk.

The card is suitable for vintage fans and large-scale farmers, has small and large fields and farms.

Starts as your contractor, with your own yard.

To get rid of your well-earned money, you can buy and hochakkern you the true landowners all farms and BGAs!

There you have a total of 15 villages, 126 fields,

6 yards, Dairy Farm (main courtyard) with cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.

1xRinderzuchtbetrieb, 1xPferdehof, 1 pig, 1xSchäferhof, 1xGeflügelhof.

10 Unloading: 3xBGA, Edeka market, forwarding, bakery, Saatproduktionsgesellschaft,

Mill, nursery, slaughterhouse for disposal.

It is, of course, ERROR-FREE, and runs on both my laptop

2x 2.3 GHz, 4GB RAM and ATI graphics card 512er,

as well as in my office computer,

2x 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM and Nvidea graphics card 128er,

with various mods in multiplayer almost flawlessly.

(A few small jerks gehöhren easy to do so)

The expression stretcher PDA map with place names and numbers and fields

a PDF with Besitsverhältnissen and prices of farms and fields,

are found in the MapZIP under BITTEOEFFNEN!

I.e. THE WASSERMOD of Marhu IS USED TO their needs for water transport for the water truck and PDA PDA FIX also of Marhu!

Moreover, the pig is installed so requires trailer:

Marhu has it all!



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