John Deere 1910 1890 air seeder

john-deere-1910-1890-air-seeder john-deere-1910-1890-air-seeder1 john-deere-1910-1890-air-seeder2

This is one of our latest work, has been completely renewed the textures with Ambient occlusion, and a new set of decals. Obviously we would publish it because we have obtained permission from the original author of the mod: the legendary Knagsted.

Although much work we could fix some bugs, but it is a great mod and we decided to publish the Beta version for now.

Some facts:

Front tank: 4230

Rear Tank: 5280

Total: 9510

Crops: wheat barley rape fertilizer.


Model and script: Knagsted
Textures and Decals: Julian11 & XTRMZ [Big Boss Modding]

Icon of Extract Extract (18.1 MiB)

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