John Deere 7200


fsScreen_2013_10_30_18_19_12 fsScreen_2013_10_30_18_19_08 fsScreen_2013_10_30_18_19_00 fsScreen_2013_10_30_18_18_52 fsScreen_2013_10_30_18_18_01Mods Management:
Space- on IC Management
Y-(2 times)-lit fire
Mods errors:
At night, the windows is not seeing.
Mods include:
IC management
Dynamic animations of smoke,
Inside the sounds of silence,
Beautiful Texture,
Folds wheel,
Dynamic camera
Rain or snow, turns wipers.
Dusty from under the wheels
Excellent shock absorption,
Moving handles
Moving gauze, brake pedals,
The speedometer speed,
Es limiter,
Displays the operating hours
Price: $ 75,000


Model 3d: vasilisvasilis31
Texture: vasilisvasilis31
InGame: vasilisvasilis31[wpfilebase tag=file id=1166 /]



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