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Mods Management:

Home – Enables / Disables the beacon
Num1, num2, Num3 – Turns on / off turns
Num4 – Opens / Closes the door
Num5 – Opens / Closes the door boxes
Num7, Num8 – turn on / off of the light
Space or 9 (above the letters) – discharge / apply the parking brake
6 (above the letters) – Unfold / fold the Varian
7 (above the letters) – Put a / release DubLi
8 (above the letters) – Enables / Disables the cockpit lighting
while (above the letters) – Horn

Mods include:

Running SP and MP mode
Price: $ 19,266
realistic hydraulic
Realistic exhaust system
animated cylinder



Icon of Cummins Homemade Cummins Homemade (18.3 MiB)

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