Hürliman XL165 7

hurliman-xl165-7 hurliman-xl165-72

Here we have an original LS13 Hürlimann 130

This has a new outer skin (green) and inner (brown) get to new WHEELS BJR Modding.Fahreigenschaften a little changed and still installed illuminated speedometer.

Except for the ESL limiter with 2025 hours is the original vehicle.

Used price: € 72,315

Power: 125 kW / 170 hp

Vehicle can be found again under Miscellaneous in the shop, as rental vehicle

No Pflugmod

no Betreibsstunden

Do not open any doors or windows

not Washable

No all-wheel scripts

No wiper scripts

No Real Lights

No lighting scripts


Giants: Basis
Shippy: Verunstaltung / pinseln
BJR Räder

Icon of HuerlimannXL165 HuerlimannXL165 (11.5 MiB)

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