Emsland MF LOS v 1.0 [SP]


Emsland MF LOS

Emsland MF LOS

Emsland MF LOS

because I have it rebuilt once for me and it did for Map Mönchwinkel is safe (county Oderspree LOS) useful for the beginning, I’ve uploaded it once.

Here is a converted Beads-Emsland in MoreRealistic version that can load the following fruits:

Wheat wheat
Rape rape
Corn maize
Barley barley
Chopped chaff
Potatoes potato
Sugar sugarbeet
Silage silage
Dung manure
Flour flour (if a different name (eg “flour”) is used on the map, must mrMehlwagen.xml “flour” shall be replaced with)
Carrots carrot
Apple apple
Onions onion
Hops flowers () is used when in the map a different name (eg “hops” must mrMehlwagen.xml “flowers” are replaced with)
Fertilizer fertilizer
Lime lime
Baked goods bakery products (eg Mönchwinkel map of silenceko)
Beer beer
Straw wheat_windrow, barley_windrow
Wood chips wood chip (for Forstmod)

The loading capacity is increased with additional flaps to about twice. These flaps are automatically displayed in the appropriate amount of charge.

In the packaged goods, the loading capacity is limited:
Flour: 13 * 6 = 78 bags with 100 liters = 7800 liters
Beer: 11 * 5 = 55 barrels á 50l = 2750 l
Baked goods: 10 * 3 * 3 = 90 boxes á 10l = 900 l – rather be something gros quickly -> 2312 liters

The other Frauchterweiterungen (oats, rye, spelled, millet, sunflower) are well reproduced by the Multi Fruit mod and therefore are not added here.

The lighting has been enhanced with Real Lights.
The texture of the trailer has been redesigned color to blue, so that the hanger is different from the normal Emsland-hangers.

While it is not entirely realistic, bread boxes to go through the open area, but everyone starts small …

Have fun with it


– Giants: Krone Emsland from the original game, beer keg (beerkeg) from LS11
– Dural: MoreRealistic
– Schwaki (112TEC): boxes out of the rubber your car -> http://www.modhoster.de/mods/gummiwagen–3
– Jens002: brought me with his sack of potatoes on the idea with the flour sacks; but the bag comes from Giants -> http://www.modhoster.de/mods/kartoffelsack–2
– Fruktor: real lights -> www.google.de
– Forstmod I do not know who is responsible for the wood chip texture “woodChipStorage_plane.dds” as an author, so I call all: rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertex Design, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax, iMarwin


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