Bizon Gigant Z083 v 1.1 [MP]


Bizon Gigant Z083

Bizon Gigant Z083

Bizon Gigant Z083

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The kit includes the following items:

– Bizon Gigant Z083 combine
– cutter
– 6-row maize cutter Oros FKA 6023SA
– cutter trailer
– straw chopper
– rape table


– many animated parts
– real exhaust particle
– wheel dust
– manual cutter and grain discharge activation
– openable flaps (on approach), door and window
– work lighting
– cutter adjustment

Description of attachable elements

Rape table
– rape table can be attached to cutter like normal machine (key Q)
– without table, rape yield falls to 80%

Straw chopper
– straw chopper can be attached to combine like normal machine (key Q)
– chopper can be activated after approach to the element


Model: Perkins
Ingame: Majster, Burner
Scripts: sven18koehler, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, Xentro, Burner
Help and small model parts: maciusboss1


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