BMW X5 Agricultural V 1.1


bmw-x5-agrar (1) bmw-x5-agrar (2) bmw-x5-agrar (3) bmw-x5-agrar

BMW X5 agricultural

BMW X5 by Harry modding.

As some of you again and again the individual construction phases of the BMW’s on our Facebook page have watched, and would have it again and again, we got us ne permission from Harry.

Now he is on the DL Ready.


2 flashing lights (if you drop out, they stop, but light still :))

License plate Script by Blacky_BPG

Lighting V3.1


Made interior

Have fun! Ford fan from the Saar Modding Team

PS If a modder recognizes his tires here that should please get in touch with us, there were no credits on the forumwhere I have downloaded them.


Grundmodell by Harry Modding
Nummernschildscript by Blacky_BPG
Rundumleuchten by Charly_99
Reifen (unbekannt)
Saarmodding Team
Ford Fan
MrFox[wpfilebase tag=file id=3555 /]



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