AmazoneD3 v 1.0 MR [SP]





Seeder Fantasy mod for More Realistic Engine

Real Working width: 9.5 m

Helper Working width: 9 m

Weight: 260 Kgs

Working speed: 9.3 mph

Power requirement: 15-30 Hp

Maintenance: 25 / day

Price: 100,000

Fruit types: Wheat barley rape maize grass potato sugarbeet

Direct Planting Enabled and there is No need to refill this seeder Aldwych been enabled

with the direct charging of the seed used in the field

Not MP Capable

This is not realy realistic by Dural’s standards but as in the begining of this description says Fanstasy comments about this I will just ignore all though did been said I want HOWEVER gladly accept critisism if it is for making it better if you want a loadable with seeds capacity tank I can make it so in version 1.1 if asked


Based on AmazoneD1 from Giants Software
Conversion to MR by Dural
Texture, xml and i3d file adaptation by Tutotata


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