Bednar Airtec XL seeder v 1.0 Beta


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Prototype of a Airseeders with saddle tank for the Xerion Saddletrac 3800
Direct seeding , fertilizing function. Seeding and fertilizing in one operation without prior tillage. Working width of 20 m.
Maintenance 11 € / day
The mods based on the standard functions of Giants, ie the Cart is virtually filled with seed and the Fertibox serves as a sprayer and is filled with Fertilizer .
The Saddletrac to be found here:

The smaller version with 13 m working width :

( The mod there is not real, therefore prototype)
Beta version (it’s not animated all )

This mod is built according to my ideas , it is not forced to download .
Who the mod does not fit just play with something else and leaves no senseless comments .
Meaningful criticism and suggestions are welcome .
have fun with the mod


Siwus, Knagsted[wpfilebase tag=file id=2777 /]


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