Wood pallet gripper v 1.0


Wood pallet gripper

Here I have a small fine, super funktionierndes part.

A wooden pallet gripper for Holzplaetten of marhus sawmill.

I have rumgeärgert briefly with the pallet fork and then I built the wooden pallet fork.

Choice of color, washable

with connections for tele-handlers, loaders and wheel loaders. In front loader a decent counterweight is needed.

The wooden pallet gripper has more spaced out forks and thus he does not intervene in the palette but under the wood. The wooden pallet is secured against falling with an upper part. This is controlled with the right mouse button.

The front hook can be personalized with the X button up and down flaps, thus you can go closer to the wall or to the underlying portfolio.

Price: 1200 LS




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