Warehouses v 2.3



From 2013 known as Apfelmod expansion bearings

Camp for ROS fruits 2.0
Can now be used in the MP (Multiplayer).

Imperative of UPK must be in the mod folder:

Universal Process Kit

The old file (aaa_ROS_Lager.zip), if present, must be deleted.

Get things already purchased, how it works (see below)

Emsland multi required to transport

Fruit and berries

Suitable for:


The file may need to be replaced as a zip only in the mod folder old file.
All placed freely !!

Stock for:

Oranges, strawberries, cherries and plums

Apples, pears, cucumbers and tomatoes (my cucumber and tomato greenhouses from 2013 coming soon)

Thanks to mor2000 without the UPK Mod this is not possible.

Already objects retain gekaufe how it works:

Eligible savegame backup once
Open savegame, we need the xml “career savegame” & “vehicles” only to read as follows:

Find all entries: aaa_ROS_Lager
Replace with: aab_UPK_ROS_Lager




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