Set zlings set v 1.0


Set zlings set

Here I have a Setzlingsset. consisting of a Spezia + ellen pallet fork. This is with clamping function. 2 m long forks to accommodate two pallets simultaneously. With the X button the load is clamped to the fork. In addition, the forks of 25 cm can be shifted to the right and to the left with the right mouse button. With clutch for wheel loaders, Telelader and front loader

A large range to accommodate 6 seedling pallets. The large pallet can be loaded with the Spezialepalettengabel on the corresponding three-axle vehicle.

The triaxial Anänger: this fit two large pallets. Right and left hinged stanchions.

It fit regular 12 seedling pallets en trailers. If one above the other stack the pallets also go. then it apssen 24 seedling pallets.

This kit makes it easy to transport and loading pallets of seedling significantly.

It took me 5 minutes to allow the filling of a large range with sechr seedling pallets and loading onto the trailer. The 120 seedlings in 5 minutes.




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