Set MPOwner owner v 0.3


Set MPOwner owner

This script makes it possible for all taxable vehicles set an owner. By default, each vehicle has the owner “no”, which means that each player may use the vehicle. Use the key combination [right] Shift + R, the owner between “no” and himself be replaced. The vehicle belongs to a player, that player can only use the vehicle, all the other players can not enter. If a player tries to enter a vehicle that is not his, he gets a warning. When switching through the vehicles with Tab (whether before or back) all the skipped not a self or “no” part. Changing the owner only works if all things are uncoupled, but the owner is always displayed. This is the first version of this script, I did not want to deprive you. I I’d appreciate constructive criticism or change requests.
Version 0.1
Changelog v.0.2:
– Runs at LS 2015
– Master User or server owners can go into vehicles that do not belong to you – this applies only to the normal boarding with “E”, the “Tab” or “Backtab” the vehicles will continue to be skipped




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