PTS 9 Trailer Set v 1.0


PTS 9 Trailer Set

Here I present to request the two “PTS 9 Tandemtrailer” available.

Both models run on standard script with all features.


Tire tracks and driving dust

fully animated (bolt, bolts, rods)

Swing axle

Dynamic Fillplane


Washable (dirty)

Used texture


The trailer with flat wooden structure has a load capacity of 15.5t.

Downloadable Fruits: wheat, rape, maize, barley

The trailer with high wood structure which is open on one side, has a load capacity of 20t.

Downloadable fruits: chaff, potato, sugarbeet silage, wood chips

Both trailers are equipped with the standard trailer Attacher and TrailerLow Attacher

If the Ankuppelsymbol appear is appended as a rule to the TrailerLow Attacher, ride your back of the trailer will be appended at the top of hitch.

Will you have to try.


The patch 1.3 Final must be installed!

Otherwise the trailer does not show up at the store.


Norton, Gosteh, ANDREI1994, Mad Dog


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