Pontiac Firebird v 1.2


Pontiac Firebird

so the most important thing in front. The Urmodder is MODALL and we must rebuild its mods and re-upload as long as you mention him as urmodder both in the credits and in the Moddesc what we do with this as far as we know.


Color selection disabled and selected a Yellow paintwork as standard.

Upper Skylight including items away in the XML

Orginale motor data entered (driving characteristics have not been changed)

Plate mounted (for German registration)

Wheels (completely) front and rear, minimally widened

LED Rear Lights was veräbdert so the brake, look and Normal light has its own position (see video)

Features like hood on and so on have remained

Customized Store Image and Brand

Log is clean


Urmodder = Modall
Umbauer = MTL Modding Team


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