PickUp firefighters v 1.2


PickUp firefighters

PickUp firefighters

PickUp firefighters

Hello Com,

here I have the Lizzard PiqUP rebuilt for the Feuerwher friends among you as a fire version of the Pickup Fire has the necessary beacons for the German and the American fire service, as both sirens are installed.

The following functions can be activated with the following keys.

Keypad 7 = USA siren and beacon lights

Keypad 8 = Both beacons (US & UK)

Keypad 9 = German siren and beacon lights

Starting with version 1.2

Keypad 4 = Italian siren and beacon lights

Keypad 5 = French siren and beacon lights

Important Information

This is omitted from the version 1.2


Giants, Modifiziert by RC-Devil


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