Lumber Mill v 1.1.0b


Lumber Mill

Placeable sawmill

The saw is operated steam, so the work has to be supplied with fuel, for example, with loose straw, straw bales, pallets or wood chips wool.

Dan can bring his wood to the mill,

This sawmill from the wood, wood chips and pallets with boards,
part of the wood chips can also be the same again used as fuel the rest you can sell,
the pallets with boards can be sold. (The spinning they can use)

The sawmill runs from Günden performance in a 5-minute intervals (in game time)
Detailed information on stocks you get in the panel on the lumberyard page
the animations of the sawmill run only if everything is in order.

As for sound: The sawmill is set so that you get 135% of the introduced raw materials back out.

It was in SP, but MP and DS is tested in beta state.

Cost: 250.000 € in the shop € 275 maintenance day

Storage capacities:

Brennstroffe: 10000
Wood: 50000
Wood chips: 10000
Boards range: 4000




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