Liebherr Multi Schaufel v 1.5


Liebherr Multi Schaufel

Now I have the orginal telescopic loader bucket fürn Liebherr telescopic loader built for you, new logo Liebherr inserted around the blades easier to distinguish.

Be loaded with 5000l (no weight required) wheat, barley, canola, corn, green wheat, oats, rye, spelled, triticale, sunflower, soybean, hops, millet, hemp, poppy seeds, rice, potato, sugar beet, onion, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red cabbage, white cabbage, kale, grapes, chips, energy willow, elephant grass (Miscantus), pellets, grass, hay, clover, alfalfa, chopped, silage, fodder, compound feed, meal, manure, compost, seeds, Saatgut2, fertilizer, lime , sand, gravel, gravel, concrete and all kinds of the straw.

Displays the tarp from the wheat in some nachgetragenen fruits. (Awaiting publication of the scripts)

On some maps the fruit already Plane is loaded from the map. Multifruitmod

Actually, as the originals, with many fruits more.


Of course, Washable

Shop: 3200 €

€ / day: 0 €




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