Kroeger TAW 30 v 1.0 Final


Kroeger TAW 30

Today we would like to 30 ask you our teamwork to Kröger TAW available.

To preface:

Timber 131 and the LS 15 workshop have decided a little to build the Kröger order.
For a lively discussion of this Kröger now appeared.
The Kroger has installed various small gadgets.
· Tires may be widened
· In addition, the warning signs go by from
· At the rear, you can fold up the rear underrun protection
· So that you can extend the drawbar
· Light completely revised
· Reversing light coupled with hazard warning lights
· Capacity was set at 45,000 liters
· Weight was adjusted real and is about 8.5 tons.
· The rest is like the standard Kröger
We wish you much fun with the part.


LS 15 Werkstatt


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