Koegelanhanger v 1.1



Today I imagine yourselves ne special edition.

I was some time ago written by LetsPlayer “The West Face” if I could cobble together the promotional trailer for Him NEN.

For this, I’ve caught up to be able to umbasteln his Kröger at Mechanik78 ne permission.

And they’ve received.

The substructure of Mechanik78 is for the most part remained so until a new license plate and some minor texture bug I have changed.

The canvas I’ve re-skinned.

So now to the details:

Cost: 35.000 €

Daily cost: 25 €

Cargo Capacity: 50,000 liters

Fruit places to shop: wheat, barley, maize, rape, chaff, manure sugarbeet, potato, grass, sand, wood chips and forage

LS 15 standards: Installed


Kröger Unterbau = Mechanik78
Plane, Shopbild und Feintuning = Micha04668


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