Jenz wood chipper setting frame v 1.0


Jenz wood chipper setting frame

Here I offer to my conversion from Jenz wood chipper setting frame.

This mod is angepast something to my liking.

Approval for setting frame If there Thank you yet again for that.

This mod has the arm for no restraints,

but the text is already in Hud.

You have to press X to extend support,

which it is not but see there is no

there are consequences in the V2. Must be X pressed for activation of the machine – <.

For this mod MAN 3 axle of his Gnescher setting frame pack required.

Watch Out! The latest patch is required,

since the mod uses the new performance-optimized .i3d format.


Modell: Giants
Absetzrahmen: Gnescher
Umbau: meistro


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