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Ford Pickup

Ford Pickup

Ford Pickup

So my first mod for the LS15. I once brought the Jeep pickup from the game and a little upgraded. The Jeep has a Dynamic Mount Attacher and the tailgate is open. But that is already present in the originals I just wanted to mention it again.

I simply made of it a Ford Pickup whether the now so is Ford, or whether it is another brand that was now once asked along. Considering this is the first version and is intended also for improvement. Just leave quietly a comment if you find errors.


Ingame brought as a Mod
new wheels missed (who wants to drive wheels with drop center across the field)
Bull catcher, number plates, rotating beacon and Ford emblems installed.
It can both trailer types are appended.
Adapted scheme

The attached parts are also dirty with the new DirtShader.

Who does not like the flashing lights they may like to remove in the Ford_Pickup.xml.
Then you just delete or animals come out the code as it appears below.
It’s also installed a second DIV that becomes visible when you edit the 2nd line and the labeled red
sign deletes.

31? speed = “0015? filename = “$ data / vehicles / shared / beaconLight02.i3d” />
<! – 32? speed = “0015? filename = “$ data / vehicles / shared / beaconLight02.i3d” /> ->

Color selection is available in the shop to purchase


Giants, Andy1978


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