Fiatagri F115 v 1.0


Fiatagri F115

Here you have the Fiatagri F115 tractor. You have two different versions of this tractor in the same mod:

.-Fiatagri F115 with Michelin wheels.

.-Fiatagri F115 with Taurus row crop wheels and without fenders.

You can use the second one version in order to apply fertilizer on the fields or harvest potatoes or sugarbeet for example. In front of the tractor you can attach two different weights: 200 Kg or 440 Kg. At the back of the tractor you can attach implements or trailers in order to work your fields.


.-Fuel tank capacity: 220 L

.-Rear lift: 6568 Kg

.-Power: 115 Hp

.-Gears: 20 forward and 16 reverse

.-Transmission: Eco-Speed

.-Clutch: hydraulic cerametallic dry disc

.-Weight: 4900 Kg


When you are into the tractor, you can open/close the back window and the sun window pressing the following keys of the keyboard:

.-Open/close back window: key_KP_5

.-Open/close sun window: key_KP_8


.-Model: JulenJD
.-Textures: JulenJD
.-Ingame: JulenJD
.-Sounds: JulenJD
.-Scripts: Sven777b and Desperados93


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